The On Line Information Network

I. Purpose

The purpose of this network is to create an online system, network of sites, and java applets that allow the distribution of news related knowledge.


II. Description

This network will use its readers as its contributors. The aforementioned information system will convey stories of the readers in a clustered organization to provide an accurate and easy to use (simple) interface. The users of the system (sites and network) will abide by a standard of moral conduct, which will encourage truthfulness in the stories on the site. The basic principal of this system is to allow the people involved in news stories to report on them. The system (site and network) will allow individuals of all participating parties in a news story to contribute their perspective in words and/or pictures if the law will provide for it. (This is shows the intent of the developers of the system (sites and network) to abide by the law, and present only those perspectives that are not limited by law. Example: This system will not protect obscenity or court restricted media. (A gag order))


III. Detailed Organization Overview

The backbone of this network has four distinct parts. (The following information is organized by proximity to user in contribution/presentation process; the first two numerals are at the same level, but are in different processes of the OLIN network.)

1. OLIN User Java Applet: This part of the system comprises the UI (user interface) and all necessary parts of the system that are needed to convey the information to the UI. This applet will be imbedded in the Mirror for Applets element of the system.

2. OLIN Main Portal: This is the primary site of the system (sites and network). It will provide a link into an optimally chosen mirror. (The user will provide his/her location and a mirror closest to that location with the lowest traffic will be found and connected to.) It will also provide information about the status of the system in general . Finally it will provide an edited digest of the perspectives reported on OLIN. It will also provide the master list of server names to be distributed to the mirrors.

3. OLIN Mirror for Applets: This is the web page hosted by volunteer sites. (Such as businesses, home users, and universities) This will be linked to from the main portal of OLIN and will contain the user java applet as well as any other kind of information the host site might like to put on the page. Another service of the mirrors is to hold the list of distributed servers, and to direct the user applet to the right and relevant server and information.

4. The Distributed News Server: The last part of OLIN is the distributed server system. A system like this is needed because it allows many people to contribute to the news system of the people, by the people, for the people. This organization takes the storage load (and a good deal of bandwidth load) away from mirror sites and the main portal. This will be kind of a raid system for the serving of news information. It will take the model of Seti@Home and use it for a democratic news service. These servers will be divided into two types of contributions: 1) primary servers: these will be high speed almost always on servers which will be reliable, 2) secondary servers: to allow every Tom, Dick, and Jane to contribute there will be overflow capacity servers like these, they will be dialup or other types of slower and non-reliable (not always on) types of servers and will store only the most popular stories. When a contribution is made to these servers by the OUA (OLIN User Applet) the server will register it in the master list of servers, then distribute it to other servers in the network in an optimal way. (It must be noted that the last server connected to for news retrieval will probably be used to post the news.)


IV. Conclusion

In conclusion OLIN should and hopefully will be the first type of organization system (sites and network) that will allow people to have a forum for which to present their side of the story. Whether an interested party, an innocent bystander or witness, or a commentator, people will be able (within the Decorum of the environment) to show their perspective first hand on a news story. The idea is to have (someday) all six billion people of Earth talking about the beauty, tragedy, and in/justice of the Human Experience.

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